Is it time to replace your patient accounting and billing system?

Many healthcare providers today continue to deal with limited patient accounting and billing systems that were at one time actively sold and routinely improved by the vendor...but not so much anymore. 

Often these providers are also forced to maintain and operate separate systems to address billing for professional and hospital services rendered.  Still others may be utilizing systems provided by their EMR vendor which may or may not see routine improvements as often for patient accounting and billing as are seen for the clinical applications. 

Over time, these healthcare providers end up acquiring and dealing with a patchwork of costly, high maintenance third party bolt-on applications in order to address functionality gaps hindering their efforts to collect payments and to reduce the overall cost to collect.

InsightCS® replaces that costly collection of applications with a single integrated, end-to-end solution.

Stockell Healthcare Systems' InsightCS® is a complete, web-based
Patient Access and Patient Accounting solution and is the only solution available today to address every single process in the healthcare service delivery revenue cycle.  From initial patient scheduling to registration to billing to claims to zero balance and everything in between.

InsightCS® is enabling healthcare organizations of all types (Acute Care, Critical Access, Community, Behavioral, Emergency, and IHNs) to automate previously manual intensive processes, access meaningful information, and achieve higher clean claim rates.  They also are experiencing increased cash flow, reduced costs to collect, and providing more and better outward facing financial services to and for their patients.

More reasons to seriously consider InsightCS®.

EMR Interoperability
InsightCS® system effectively interoperates with all of today's leading EMRs including those from Allscripts, Cerner, Evident (CPSI), Epic, Medhost (HMS), McKesson, Meditech, Medpshere, Meta, NetSmart, NextGen, Quadramed, Sequest, Siemens, Sigmund, and many more.

Adaptability and Flexibility
InsightCS® designed with the flexibility to support multiple healthcare service delivery models.  The system easily adapts to specialized environments like behavioral health as well as to very large environments like healthcare networks.

Powerful Analytics
The InsightCS® system goes above and beyond traditional add-on reporting and executive information systems that often require complicated multi-source data extract and reconciliation.  The systems advanced database management capabilities, such as data cubes, provides the means to aggregate and report on multiple levels of information instantaneously.

Lower Cost of Ownership and Rapid ROI
The InsightCS® system provides operational efficiency gains via its unique exception-based workflow approach resulting in fewer required FTEs.  Plus the intuitive system presentation layer reduces the time needed to train staff.  Finally, the system features a very small technology footprint and can be easily scaled to fit any size organization.


GSA Purchasing Option for Qualified Organizations

Stockell Healthcare Systems has secured a GSA Schedule 70 contract that enables local, regional, state, and federal goverment managed hospitals and healthcare organizations to quickly and easily obtain firm, fixed, and discounted InsightCS® software and service pricing without going through the long and pain-staking RFI/RFP process.

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