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Patient Access

Stockell Healthcare's InsightCS® Patient Access is comprised of multiple outward and inward facing software components that impact patient engagement. Focus on allowing the patient to participate is of the utmost importance. Empowering the patient and/or patient representative and end user, that is our goal.

Plus, unlike the ‘implied” integration of bolt-on products,
InsightCS® Patient Access is comprised of a set of integral software modules that improve the patient experience and keeps them fully engaged when the need arises.

Key Features and Benefits

Real-Time Eligibility Checking
Provides a user-friendly, integrated solution to automate the process of verifying payer coverages at the time of patient scheduling and/or registration.  A valuable tool to validate financial accountability early in the patient information gathering process.

Patient Bill Estimator
Informs the patient of their expected monetary responsibility.  With ever-increasing high deductable insurance plans in the marketplace, a necessity for sure.  When the patient knows upfront how much their insurances will pay, they are more inclined to make a full payment or are willing to agree to a payment plan arrangement.

Enterprise Registration
Accommodates all inpatient and outpatient services that your organization facilitates.  The solution truly supports an Enterprise setting as it addresses multi-location requirements, is extremely scalable, and is real-time.  Built-in Census Management provides real-time statistics and bi-directional HL7 transaction processing.  Registration tools are fully accessible by Enterprise Scheduling and other modules.

Patient and Resource Scheduling
Features a unique drag-n-drop user interface and serves as the "central coordinator" for patients and resources to promote effective and timely scheduling across the enterprise.  All information is shared among multiple locations including clinics, ancillary locations, and other caregivers facilities.  Availability times and rules exist at the department, procedure/test, appointment, and resource levels.

Medical Necessity Checking and ABN
Another “financial gatekeeper” solution that performs a real-time check during scheduling for compliance of the diagnosis and procedure or test being requested by the clinician. The electronic ABN form, after signed by the patient or representative, can be stored with the patient’s account.  Fully supports all applicable medical necessity rules and conflict checking.

Point-of-Service Collections
A financial necessity that our solution fully addresses, focusing on pre-service patient engagement and communication.  Performs propensity to pay checks, electronically submits reminders for upcoming inpatient/outpatient scheduled events, performs real-time payer eligibility checking, and creates a patient bill estimator which all contribute to maximizing upfront fee collections.

Document Management
A very cost-effective, integrated solution that offers the ability to capture and store digitized electronic images, documents, and sound/video files from a variety of digital cameras and scanners.  These images can be viewed and printed from a variety of locations within the hospital and other related settings.  Plus, users can assign/attach scanned images both at the Patient MPI and Visit levels.

Forms Generation
A necessity for patient engagement.  This solution provides the ability to produce an electronic form and submit and/or make available to the patient or patient representative.  Takes desired forms formats and merges patient data accordingly.  The forms are then prepped for electronic signature and annotations as necessary and automatically attached to the patient record.

Digital Signature
A cost-effective, integrated solution that can be used in conjunction with a number of other key integrated applications including Scheduling, Billing, and Collections.  Allows for a preprinted form to be placed on a digital signature device allowing the patient or patient representative to sign, date, and optionally notate and/or check off responses resulting in a digitized image of the process.

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